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Mitschke & Dietz - Night Over Berlin

The project Mitschke & Dietz represents a twofold premiere: We don't want to brag, but this is the first release from Wolfgang Mitschke on SKIP. The second factor is that this Berliner multi-instrumentalist has joined forces with saxophonist Jürgen Dietz to do a complete album, a new dimension for one and all.

Born in sleepy Bonn, the former capital of Germany, Mitschke designates himself as a do-it-yourselfer. "I've been interested in jazz music ever since I was a kid, but I never viewed conservatories as a viable route. Making use of the one-on-one encounters with musicians was always what allowed me to orient myself musically." Percussion lessons at the School of Music in Saarbrücken belong to his infrequent confrontations with the musical powers that be, yet his inquisitiveness toward the widest variety of instruments and invariably running into a series of teachers finally led him to a different "key" instrument, keyboards. Using the technical possibilities at the time, he immediately immersed himself into the world of programming. A quick study, Wolfgang Mitschke utilized modern audio technology to set bass, drums or strings into his recordings so organically that the resulting sound was broadly acclaimed as "rich" and "full".

With "Journey To Sydney" (1999), "Sundance" (2001) and "Latin In New York" (2003), the three albums he has released to date, this multi-talent has established his name on the markets, especially in the USA. When it came to style, Mitschke brewed a blend of catchy Latin jazz sounds, fusion and smooth jazz elements together with his own versions of timeless jazz classics. Asked about his influences and idols, he replied with such masters of the 88s as Joe Sample, Kenny Barron, Tom Schuman (Spyro Gyra) and Bill Sharpe (Shakatak), as well as the drummers Victor Lewis, Billy Hart or Dennis Chambers.

To get back to our current album, "Night Over Berlin", it purposely contains remastered versions of some of the highlights from his first recordings (e.g. "Streetwalkin'", "Tribute To George Duke" or "Sundance", a tune inspired by Herbie Hancock's work in the '70s and '80s). A series of brand-new pieces attest to the consistency of the path he has taken into the realms of wave music, smooth jazz and standards. Relaxed listening is assured.

A workhorse of a different color, Jürgen Dietz, Mitschke's counterpart on "Night Over Berlin", got his chops studying with such teachers as Christof Lauer and David Liebman. In recent years he has brought his horn to bear for colleagues including Torsten De Winkel, Michael Küttner and Julia Hülsmann.

Catalog Number: SKP 9060
Distribution: Soulfood
Release Date: June 2005


1. Let's play Smooth-Jazz (Part I)
NIGHT OVER BERLIN2. BrassSax for Till
3. Sundance
4. Night over Berlin
5. Streetwalkin'
6. From Sydney to Berlin
7. Let's play Smooth-Jazz (Part II)
8. Night and day
9. The Cologne funk blues
10. In the club
11. The yarbird suite
12. Corcovado
13. Let's play Smooth-Jazz (Part III)
14. Tribute to George Duke
15. In your own sweet way


"A chunk of solid drum education and a big portion of keyboard autodidact training make the multi-instrumentalist a great contributor to Berlin's beautiful jazz landscape."
(Jazzradio Berlin - www.jazzradio.net)

Wolfgang Mitschke, today living in Berlin and Bonn (Northrhine-Westfalia), was born in Lindau, Bavaria (Germany) in 1957. Besides studying law he got instructions in drums in the seventies and became fairly rooted by playing in concerts, clubs and radio recordings with different jazz formations in southern Germany as well as in Northrhine-Westfalia. Among others artists, he was on stage with the jazz-singer and drummer Grady Tate (USA), with the trumpet player Patrik Rickman/Lionel-Hampton-Bigband (USA), with the German trumpet player Hans-Peter Salentin, with the German flute-player Michael Heupel, the German guitarist Paul Shigihara, with the German piano-player Christoph Adams, with the contra-bass-player Martin Gjakonowski and many many others.

Besides playing drums he got himself involved with playing keyboards as a self-taught-player. With his first CD "Journey to Sydney" from 1999 he presented himself for the first time playing keyboards. His second CD "Sundance" as a keyboarder and drummer was presented in October 2001, followed by "Latin in New York", his third album in 2003. The latest album is "Night over Berlin" and was released in 2005

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